Monday, April 30, 2012

The Chocolate Race!

Can you have a better name for a race? I think not! And it WAS chocolately...very, very chocolately!

So after my last post about realistic goals and doing shorter distances and motivating myself to do better with better times....I ran my personal best time in 10 kms! Wahoo! Yay me! Pats self on back!!! Talk about surprising myself! I hadn't run at all in nearly a month. The only good thing I had done for myself was the cleanse. But there you go - you never know what might work. As Scott told me before after the race - perhaps that one month of no running was just a really long taper before this race!

Maybe it was because I didn't set any expectations of myself but I found it easier to fall into a good pace with other runners and just stay with them long enough to push past them with some energy. I kept reminding myself to pull my shoulders back and that allowed me to fill my lungs better during the entire race. By the time I was nearly 500m from the finish line, I had ample energy left to sprint to the end. This was probably the most relaxed I've been in a race yet.

So enough accolades about my amazing accomplishment...oh wait, that should be self-accolades...and more about the CHOCOLATE.....

There was chocolate everywhere.....really. During the race there were the usual aid stations with water/gatorade and chocolate stations; skewers with chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries. They looked so good but I couldn't try one. Just the thought of trying to ingest that while running was enough for me to yell "Gatorade"!.

After the race though....HELLO Chocolate! I loved the set up - finish, get medal, line up for chocolate croissant and chocolate milk. Again, once I'd finished I really didn't feel like anything heavy but they looked very good!

I''m pretty sure at this point the majority of my friends have completely fallen over in their chairs wondering what the hell has happened to their chocolate-loving friend. Fear not! I did not miss out; there was more chocolate to come. Scott and I walked up to the Main Street where there were chocolate truffles, chocolate brownies, and....wait for it.....wait a little more.....chocolate Martinis available for the runners (for free!!). Heck with the medal....the chocolate was more than worth it. (OK, not really 'cause I really love my medal!).

And yes, the course was just perfect too. It was, after all, a beautiful day by Lake Ontario and although it was a bit cool it certainly didn't take long to warm up once the running began. I was enormously impressed but the organization, the volunteers, and just the overall fun feeling at the race. If anyone is interested in doing a 5 km, 10 km or 10 mile walk/run next year, I would highly recommend The Chocolate Race .

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