Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 - Many races...maybe too many?

I have to admit that I've been having a TON of fun planning on my races for 2013. Perhaps a bit too much fun at the wrong time of the year! I'm going to make a mental note NOT to plan on the following year's races until the present year is done. What difference does it make? I'm glad you asked!

My last race of 2012 was in late September and I didn't have any other races planned for the year. I joined a gym and started working on strength training with a personal trainer twice per week. I was on top of my nutrition with Isagenix and feeling amazing! But I had the inevitable itch to race with a bunch of running buddies. So, I began looking at potential races for 2013. I spoke with others about their experiences at races I was interested in. I did research on courses and distances. I scoured my calendar for acceptable weekends to participate. And then, I started registering for races. One in January, one in February in Virginia, my first 24 hour in late April, my first 50 miler in May and so on. I was SO excited!

And then, before I knew it, December hit with a bang. Ah, December. Full of good tidings, good friends, family, gatherings with yummy, er I mean evil bad foods and wine, family birthdays with cake...and the gym? Who the heck had the time or energy for the gym or even running when there was shopping to do, gifts to wrap, gatherings to attend, food to eat, and wine to drink!

Of course, the inevitable happened as well. I got a rotten cold a few days before Christmas. I thought I had kicked it by New Year's. I was tired a lot, had a tickle in my throat, and a dry cough but not a "regular" cold.

My first race of the season was on January 5th at RUN4RKIDS. An indoor 6-hour track race. I hadn't trained much and relied mostly on my base from 2012 to carry me through. The good news is I beat my distance from last year but didn't quite make my goal. I had my own personal crew member which really, really helped! (Thanks Jeff!) The bad news is that I got sick again or my cold was hibernating and decided to come out during the warm January snap just after the race! Whatever energy I had was almost completely wiped out.

Before I knew it, I was on antibiotics for both a sinus and ear infection and told to rest as much as possible. (I love doctors who say to mothers to rest, as much as possible, with a completely straight face). I haven't run since the RUN4RKIDS race and I haven't been in the gym since mid-December.

Which leads me to race number two in February. I made the decision today to defer my race fee to another race offered later in the year. This was definitely NOT in my 2013 plan back in October/November. I had to pause and be honest with myself though. I'm not even close to being ready for an 8-hour trail race in Virginia; I got through the 6-hour race mostly because it was indoors and flat. Driving 11 hours to Virginia, poorly running a race that I'd only chastise myself for later, and then driving 11 hours home did not seem like a good plan or enjoyable.

So not exactly the way I had planned the beginning of 2013! I'm disappointed in myself for not getting to the gym and training. However, I think I'm being smart about my races. Finally. I'm OK with saying I'm not ready. I have a lot of goals set for myself in 2013 and the fact is I need to concentrate on those specific goals. This February race would have been fun but it isn't going to help me get to where I want to be. Especially if it takes a toll on my self-confidence!

Again, reminder to self - no planning for races until the beginning of a NEW YEAR. January 2nd at the earliest!!

My focus now is on the O24 Trail Race in late April. My first 24 hour race. Held in Ohio, it's a 1-mile crushed-stone trail loop with a few rolling hills. My aim is 100 km. Ultimately, my aim is to finish with a smile on my face and no regrets!