Friday, June 3, 2011

Not a Good Start to Training....

It's been nearly a week since my 10 km run. I'm dying to get out and just run but its been a rough week with business travel, work, and now I've got a rotten spring/summer cold. Better now than last week though (insert optimistic tone)....

I've got six weeks to my next race now and I feel like I've wasted a week of possible training time. My MM hasn't run this week either as he's still recovering from his 100-miler. Which probably hasn't helped my motivation level but I can't always rely on my MM to push my butt out the front door.
I'm heading up north to the cottage with my boys tonight and I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow or Sunday morning. I will have to start out slow again and build up my routine - and of course there is also the hill work that I need to get going on.

So a lot to get done in a short period of time. My goal for Limberlost is just to finish again - the race is longer than my last and although I expect an overall improvement in my running style, I doubt I will excel at any decrease in time. And that's OK. Goals have to be reasonable not unattainable or it gets too discouraging to move forward (literally).

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