Thursday, June 23, 2011

Limberlost Training Run aka "Drag Me Through the Woods" ....

So I haven't completed a significant run in about a month. OK, since Sulphur Springs. Which was a full month ago. I ran 5 km two weeks after Sulphur Springs and then had that "incident" with the bitch mosquitoes at the cottage that we don't talk about.

This weekend a running friend, her husband, my MM, and I are doing a pre-planned training run at Limberlost. It is a 14km loop. I decided after Sulphur Springs that I didn't want to do another race without having some idea what the course was like. As it turns out, the race director for Limberlost must feel the same way because he has kindly set up the course, complete with mini-aid stations, for a training run for anyone signed up for the race in three weeks.

I've never run farther than 10 km. That was my first goal and I completed that and apparently I somehow reasoned with myself that 4 km on top of that was really nothing. (I really need to stop listening to myself). If I had continued to train the same way I did for Sulphur Springs than I wouldn't be so concerned. But I haven't so I'm a tad bit worried. Our running friend is a human rocket and my MM is faster than me. I'm seriously considering tying a one of those retractable dog leashes around my waist and handing it off to my MM. If I get too far behind, he can just yank it!

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