Sunday, June 12, 2011

Did You See the Size of That.....

MOSQUITO, PEOPLE! I'm talking large, blood-sucking insects!!!

I was determined to run up at the cottage yesterday. Partially because I really like running up there and partially because I just really needed to run. When MM and I arrived at the cottage just after the noon hour and started to unpack the car, the first thing we noticed was that the mosquitoes were not exactly coming after us one by one. I mean, its not like they take turns trying to take chunks out of you, but they generally don't swarm like blackflies do. For some reason though, yesterday those bitches were swarming and they were enormous - mosquitoes on 'roids! I'm sure if I looked hard enough they might have been wearing gang colours but who wants to take the time???

After unpacking the car, unpacking the bags, settling into the cottage, and dutifully smacking the mosquitoes that had made their way in for the human buffet, we did as any true cottagers do. We had a nap. Once we got up about two hours later, I was really set on running. I think MM thought I had lost my mind a bit but was his usual supportive self and reminded me that all I had to do was outrun the mosquitoes......which made me think "how fast could mosquitoes really fly??" (For those who care....about 1 1/2 miles per hour according to google).

Just to be doubly-safe, I sprayed myself down with OFF or at least I thought I had. And off I went (sorry, that was too easy).

I probably should have foreseen the inevitable. I was running too well. Felt so great. Smiling and content. Sure there were a few bugs here and there but really, it wasn't so bad. I cleared our road and made it to the main road off the highway. I had assumed (incorrectly) that the bugs wouldn't be so bad as there was some clearance on both sides of the road. I swear, I could hear those mosquitoes snickering at me "bzzzz...stupid human...bzzzz....she thinks she can outsmart us...bzzbzzzzbzzzz".

I have yet to learn the art of grabbing a water bottle from behind one's back and drink while running. (Something I should probably practice in the dark when people can't see me dribbling down myself). So, I still stop and walk at a brisk pace to drink; which I did yesterday. As I did, I felt some pricks at my shoulders but promptly ignored them as just figments of my imagination because I had sprayed myself down with OFF. I started to run again. And then I needed to slow down to a walk and drink. Pricking sensations on both my shoulders surprised me so I did what any sane person would do - I looked.  Mosquitoes covered both my shoulders. And then I did what any woman would do - I shrieked, I swore, I smacked. Guess what part of myself I had forgotten to spray?

I'm ashamed to say that those gangs of bitchy mosquitoes sent me running back to the cottage. I got about 3km done in total. But I figure I did what any smart person would do when encountering a mob - run the other way and wait until the crowd disperses before venturing out again. I'm just hoping that happens before the end of least before the horseflies appear.

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